FAQ About Home and Leadership Education

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What is an accurate description of Home Education?

I hope you’re prepared to be a bit surprised…

“Home Education is any educational pursuit that is grounded in the family’s values, directed by the student, and supported by the parents.  Home Education can take any form.”~ Dr. Shanon Brooks


What, then, is the definition of Leadership Education; more specifically, Organic TJEd?

“Organic TJEd is the promoting of the sovereignty of the family through Home Education utilizing The 4 Phases of Learning, The 7 Keys of Great Teaching, and The 5 Environments of Transformational Mentoring.”


Why is it referred to as “TJEd?”

Thomas Jefferson, along with 50 or so other individuals, was personally mentored by a gentleman named George Wythe.  President Jefferson is the most prolific example of the Phases, Keys, and Mentoring Environments that we look to today within this method. President Kennedy, at a White House dinner honoring Nobel Prize winners, referred to Jefferson while praising his guests. “The most extraordinary collection of talent and human knowledge that has ever been gathered together at the White House—with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.” All of the individuals George Wythe mentored were profoundly influential in the shaping of our country.

For basic introductory information regarding:

The Four Phases

The Seven Keys of Great Teaching

The Five Environments of Transformational Mentoring

this book would be most helpful. 

It is a fast, easy, profound read.  What is isn’t, is simple. 

Regardless of preconceived notion or personal thoughts on education, it will change the way you think.

Leadership Education is all about freedom and the perpetuation and preservation thereof.

It is about helping your sphere of influence, to have the most impact in fulfilling its greatest potential. 

Statesmanship looks at the whole of society and the time frame within the course of history in which it is placed and declares boldly, “Here I am!”  It celebrates and practices the conviction that I am here for a reason and I am going to execute the change that is necessary while I am present; regardless of how significant that may seemingly be.  Future generations are dependent upon it!

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