Just who IS Dr. Shanon Brooks?

Dr. Shanon Brooks is coming to Southern California on Monday.


He begins, what we refer to in our house, as a “whirlwind tour” on Wednesday, November 11.

It lasts until Saturday, November 21.

With multiple appearances each day.

That’s a lot of whirling.

Trust me on this.

He will be speaking about teaching vs. educating, the tenets of freedom and how to perpetuate them, what an American is,  and a lot of other really interesting things.

You’re going to have to trust me on this as well.

You won’t be nodding off or fighting sleep.

But since I’ve already been privileged to hear portions of both lectures, I am speaking with confidence.

Listening to him beats watching television

Any day.

I’m hoping that you’re hanging on every word today, as the members of our family consider themselves to be extremely fortunate to be associated with Dr. Brooks and his family.

He’s the “lucky” winner of the first profile spot on Tommymom.com!

I’m not certain he and I are sharing the “lucky” sentiment.

You may hold your applause for later. Possibly until after you’ve heard him yourself.

Because of his near rock star fame…okay, that could be a slight exaggeration…

Several of you are asking, “Just who IS Dr. Shanon Brooks… really?

I, Tommymom moderator, and personal friend, am going to attempt to answer this now-pressing question for all of you. Hey, it’s a rough job, but someone’s got to do it.

1.  He’s a fabulous, over-the-top, excellent, hard-to-exceed-this-level-of-commitment, mentor.


Who gets pretty passionate about the principles he’s sharing

Or, it could be that seriously green wall that’s doing something in this particular case…

In any regard, he’s somewhat rare, in that he’s not only broad-based in his acquisition of knowledge, but is also deep.

A true leadership education, by the way.

Don’t try this at home. He would actually love for  you to experience the opportunity of  acquiring this type of knowledge from home, and mentors classes where you can do it!

Please click on the Face to Face With Greatness button on this website for further reference.  Just understand that his website is currently under construction…

You won’t be bonding with these people from “the dental office” much longer…pardon our virtual dust…

FABULOUS things to come

Shanon’s been studying and when I called, Bill Gate’s line was busy.

Sons #1 and #2 are two of the fortunate mentees. They think he’s the “BOMB”.

Do you see the beauty in this? They are often the slang, pop cultural balance to his PhD in Constitutional Law...along with the other two degrees he’s sporting.

Just a quick inquisition…

When was the last time you even read The Constitution, much less acquired a PhD in its “law”?


Moving right along…


Did I mention he is passionate about mentoring and the entire learning process?

I love, love, love to dialogue with him.

My husband claims that when he and I do this, people are often running for cover… Perhaps a slight misunderstanding on my husband’s part.

You will always know where you stand with Dr. Brooks.

And he will always stand.



For a return to the American tradition of loving marriages.



For families.

He and his wife, Julia, have six beautiful children. Guess what? They’re all being mentored in the style of a Leadership Education. Shocking, eh? I mean, who does this guy think he is;


practicing what he preaches?  There has simply got to be something wrong with him!

He’s committed.


To old fashioned values and principles.  He’s seen here “going to see a man about a horse.”

Scratch that.  He’s ON the horse…

In the great outdoors; of which he is an avid fan.

He farms.

He does manual labor.

For real.

He’s deeply committed to friendship…


With the man who wrote this book and has personally mentored Shanon for over 20 years.


He puts his money where his mouth is, by rising insanely early each and every day, to study the principles of this country.

And what it took to make it great.

And what it will take for all of us to continue to enjoy our freedoms.

Never mind about the thousands of great classics he has read and studied from the world over.

Is he for real?

Painfully so, at times.

But I love him for it.  The honesty can be somewhat brutal where I am personally concerned, but I know that I am always the better for it.

And it’s always done in love.

You won’t walk away unchanged. His love for this country and people would be hard to parallel.

After all, look what he is doing for us.


For 10 days.

Is he for real?

I don’t know.

You be the judge.

Photo 7

Perhaps he simply walks amongst us.








Photo 6

Right now, I can type this with confidence, because his hands are at “10 and 2”, as he drives here to serve me and you; and he knows nothing about these “slightly irreverent” pictures.

I feel a “dialogue” coming on!

Hope you make the effort to catch a “whirl”….I promise you’ll never be the same!

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  1. 1
    Debbie says:

    When I saw Dr. Brooks at a Seminar for the first time, someone asked me to summarize what I learned in three sentences. (They did NOT know Dr. Brooks and just HOW MUCH material I had heard in 2 days.) I told them this: POWERFUL! Life Changing! I Would NEVER be the same! I hope the whirlwind brings many blessings to all! I’m sure HE will!!

  2. 2
    Gary says:

    Amen and hear, hear! That was well-said and as a bonus I now have compromising photos of my dear friend Shanon that I can save for future devious purposes!

  3. 3
    stephanie says:

    Definitely a dynamic, inspiring and very knowledgeable individual! Thanks for sharing.

  4. 4
    Julia says:

    Very well done! I LOVE IT!! Don’t worry Shanon will get over the shock of it and laugh. You are doing a great job! Hang in there and remember to have fun.

    Teri Reply:
    November 10th, 2009 at 12:03 am

    Well, Mrs. Julia Brooks, It is YOU we should thank! For practicing servant leadership in holding down the fort….sharing your husband so that people realize what needs to be done to preserve our great country…you are a selfless lady and I appreciate your dedication to God, your family and your country! XOXO

  5. 5
    Laney says:

    Thanks for writing such a well-deserved and beautiful tribute to one of my favorite people! I worked with Shanon for 2 years and learned many, many valuable lessons from him. He is genuine and dynamic and, though he tries to hide it, has a huge heart! One of my favorite lessons from him is “If it’s right, do it.” And he lives by that for sure. He truly is an excellent person– in every proverbial hat he wears (and he has many hats!). Do what you can to make it to his seminar– you really won’t regret it and what you learn from him will definitely change you, if you let it!

  6. 6
    Holli says:

    It was great to meet Dr. Brooks in person and to hear his powerful message. It is a message that I believe every one needs to hear. I left the meeting feeling inspired, yes, but more than that I left with a solid testimony of “why” I do what I do with my family. I believe that without this why, most people will not continue to gain a great education and motivate their children to do the same. They will fall back into old, less effective patterns because they have not been converted to the cause. Nothing is more powerful than speaking with a man that has passion, drive, and a real testimony about what he preaches- Needless to say, I was very impressed and am anxious to share Dr. Brooks and his message with my community and loved ones!

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