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You know how you attend any number of large gatherings, and someone invariably takes to the podium, announcing that they have a few housekeeping items?

What in the holy heck DOES that really mean?  You’re generally in a hotel, surrounded by people being paid to accommodate you, and this is the best we can do for this title?

Well, today, is just a quick rant on my part, 14 days into this new year.

I went from a happy-but-significant post about my brother , commitment, friendship and the power of traditions, to the following statement on a photo:

“There comes a point when you have to realize that you’ll never be good enough for some people. The question is, is that their problem or yours?”

A bit of a wind suck/energy drain, is it not?  And yet, if you will allow me, I think it needs to be addressed just a bit further.

In recent days, I have had a rather daunting series of negative, critical, and unsolicited input regarding any number of topics; but inclusive of: my personal intents and actions,(albeit misinterpreted) business decisions, children and their choices, several of my personal choices…you get the idea.  And have I mentioned this is only a partial list?

As I see it…

Decisions, priorities, choices and convictions should reflect the unique, significant and beautiful diversity of your own life and calling.  It is honestly baffling to me how many opinions, influences from peers, and societal expectations, influence often significant choices and personal actions.  If we “go against” any of those expectations by honoring conviction that is personal…and lo and behold it works out…then we are simply “lucky”, or better yet…actually admired for not listening in the first place!

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe that criticism can be and often is, a wonderful tool that is there to mold, shape and influence. It can be a catalyst for an idea, which possibly gives birth to a concept; ultimately even bringing about change.  I’m talking abut criticism that is there for the purpose of building up rather than the kind that was wielded with destruction as the intent of choice.  They are very different beasts indeed.

Charting the course of one’s life in order to have the end result be a reward of significance and making a difference is serious business.  And it involves evaluation, engaging and encouragement on many levels.

Perhaps if everyone spent as much time analyzing PERSONAL intent, work ethic, commitment, and conviction…the need to “keep house” contingent on the approval of others, could give way to greatness occurring on a regular basis that emphasized an extroverted focus rather than an introverted neurosis.

You have but one life. Live it, love it, and lead in such a way, that your own house is in order.

Oh, and know this: great leadership doesn’t sacrifice conviction and excellence for popularity; whether or not people of significance are doing it.

If you aren’t being criticized by someone, chances are…you aren’t risking enough.

And someone needed to hear this today.  Possibly me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some further personal housekeeping to do!


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  1. 1
    Anaise says:

    I always feel sad when people are mean. I wish you joy in living your convictions.

  2. 2

    Oh, wow, Teri! Did you ever hit the nail on the head! I have had the same sort of criticism pouring in as of late. Thank you for this post, but more importantly, thank you for living what you know you need to do. Great reminder! You have given me the little pick me up I needed today;)

  3. 3
    Sonia says:

    How can anyone miss what’s in your beautiful head and heart? Your devoted cheerleader, Sonia

  4. 4
    Dana says:

    People always feel it’s their duty to chime in on what others are doing. It’s super frustrating. There is a difference between ” I’m telling you this for your information or because I just need to share it” and ” I’m telling you this for your input because I value your opinion and advice.” Maybe we need to preface those conversations with an opening “housekeeping” statement.. Ahem, opinions about what I’m going to say are not welcome. That is all. Maybe such a statement would keep the meddling down to an acceptable level? Maybe? Nah, probably not. Then you’d end up soothing feelings you crushed of the well meaning Dear Abby friends instead of sharing what you’d intended. Maybe it’s better to just live in a cave?

  5. 5
    Rachel says:

    “If you aren’t being criticized by someone, chances are…you aren’t risking enough.”
    Love it!!
    Thanks for being you. :)

    I just went from contemplating Einstein’s quote: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” to reading your post, and I know God is nudging me to step out of my comfort zone, be brave, and change the little bit of world that He placed me in.

    Teri Reply:
    January 15th, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    Rachel! So great to see you here! XOXO

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