Teri Helms is definitely not the wife, mother and home educator in a typical American family.

She and her husband have 5 rambunctious sons, ranging in age from 24 down to 11.  Her parents are also a part of this family living arrangement which can be an invigorating, delightful, bonding and sometimes stressful experience that she would not trade for the world.

Teri is creative, quick-witted and has an amazing sense of humor. She adores her family, but also has a huge affection for the human race in general!  You can count on her to keep her word and be fair to the best of her ability.

She will let you know what her opinion is on any given subject without you having the need to ask twice! At the same time she will always be respectful of yours and willing to listen; as this is one of life’s greatest opportunities… to be mentored by the advice and life experiences of others.

She strives to be a positive and uplifting mentor to those lives that she is privileged to touch.

Teri believes in family, community, and a personal relationship with the living God. She believes in the need for an informed and patriotic citizenry. She believes in her husband. And she believes in America.

More to come here shortly!

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