A Definite Blessing Through Adversity

Bruce Brown1

The greatest adversity in my life thus far has been the circumstances and aftermath of my brother’s death.

Even the greatest of cliches in life resonates truth when the rubber meets the road.  Adversity builds character, and with it, can unwrap gifts that are incredible.

From the time my brother entered junior high, Bruce Brown began to mold and influence his pliable young life.  The results were much of what you grew to love, admire, and cherish about Tim.

I knew Bruce and his wife, Dana, through my brother.  When he passed, they, along with so many others, supported, encouraged, served, and bolstered me.

They continue to.

Bruce’s legacy within athletics is impressive, illustrious, and chock-full of success.  He is a man who weighs that success in consistent, measured contacts with former students, athletes and coaches. Oh, and there are “cheerleader-loving-sisters-of-former-student-brothers-who-turn-out-amazing” types like me in there, too!

That last post resonated with so many of you!  I smiled at all of the commentary I received in e-mails, comments, and face-to-face.

Bruce is gracious to me and reads the blog.  His wisdom is so faithful to encourage, connect, and uplift others.

It is my privilege to share his words with you here.  Good things do come from adversity, and many of them are true blessings in disguise.

He’s one of them.


“Well said! Listen for truth, separate out the mean spirited or garbage and flush it – keep your focus on the people (like me) where you are making a difference.

WIN – What’s Important Now – move forward and don’t let anyone impact the positive energy.

Secure people solve problems, insecure people create problems when they don’t even exist.

You’re the best!”

I happen to think that he is. Those are some insights to file away; and they are guaranteed to bless during and through adversity!


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